Outdoor Advertising Agency in Dubai


Outdoor Advertising Agency in Dubai

Any advertising that is done outdoors and that will publicize your business’s products or services are outdoor advertising. It will bring wide accessibility for your brand among the customers. It is one of the best methods that will help brands to become more popular and bring the viewers closer to purchase decisions. Most people will remember advertising content only after a few times of encountering it. This consistency and frequency in advertisements are important. Chams Global is the leading outdoor advertising agency in Dubai to deliver excellent and impactful advertising solutions for all sorts of businesses.

Different researches and surveys say that most people are comfortable with outdoor advertising. Therefore, this is the method that you should not ignore in your business.

Characteristics of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has its own typical characteristics:

  • Diversity
  • Advertising media varies widely in the format, location, material used for advertising production, image transmission technology, and many other features.

  • Location
  • Designated outdoor advertising locations are divided into the following main areas along the highway, road divider, open space, sidewalks, entertainment facilities, parks, gardens or any public facilities.

  • We can use eye-catching colors and images
  • In order to attract the attention of commuters, for outdoor advertising we always use eye-catching colors. Similarly, images that stimulate curiosity are used. Chams Global is the leading advertising agency in Dubai to deliver the most appropriate marketing solutions.

  • Simple and memorable communication content
  • Here, it is ensured that without spending too much time, customers can still grasp the content of billboards.

  • Purpose-Oriented
  • Outdoor advertising like other advertising platforms is also meant for increasing brand recognition, boost sales, and thereby profit. These objectives are fulfilled by stimulating a large number of customers who look at outdoor advertising every day and achieve certain goals of the business.

    Different Types of Outdoor Advertising

    Chams Global is the leading branding agency in Kerala to deliver the best branding solutions and bring an impact to your business. We know, there are different types of outdoor advertising, and each one of them has its own peculiarities. Now let us see different kinds of outdoor advertising:

    • Billboards
    • Billboards are advertising boards installed at a high place which is seen on the roadside. Different statistics show that more than 50% of consumers will make their shopping decisions when seeing attractive billboards around while they travel or walk. This is a typical advertising method for those businesses who are looking for brand awareness and brand positioning.

    • Advertisements at Certain Low Locations
    • Advertising at low locations includes light box signs, bus shelters, street decorations, etc. It will be usually placed in locations where the customers' eye catches easily. Every time when the commuters pass through this area, they will notice it.

    • Trandit Advertising
    • Transit advertising is another type of outdoor advertising. Here the graphic styles and some decal stickers are placed on the buses, trucks, or other kinds of vehicles. Certain businesses are choosing these kinds of advertising when they are introducing something new. Transit advertising will also help in bringing an impact on the brand. With around five decades of experience in the advertising field, Chams Global is the leading marketing agency in Kochi.