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ATL and BTL Marketing

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As a marketer, you’ve probably heard the terms “above the line” and “below the line” marketing, but what do these terms mean? ATL and BTL marketing are two essential aspects of creating effective advertising campaigns. ATL Marketing is when a brand uses macro-level market research, meaning that they reach out to a broad group of potential buyers and target their messaging to the whole population. Whereas BTL Marketing focuses on micro-targeting consumers and messaging specifically intended for them.

ATL is commonly used for large corporate/consumer brands and BTL marketing is often used by small businessmen. Mostly ATL is more expensive than BTL. Chams is a top advertising agency in Dubai with proven experience in ATL and BTL marketing campaigns.ATL MARKETING

ATL Marketing

ATL is a form of advertising that stands for "Above The Line", meaning that the advertising which can target a mass audience. ATL is most applicable when a product is directed at a broader spectrum of consumers, for instance, a soft drink company would possibly contract an ATL advertising agency to develop ads targeting a wide audience.

Forms of ATL Advertising:

  • Out Door Advertisement
  • Radio
  • Print Media
  • Newspapers
  • Press
  • Magazines
  • Television Commercials
  • Transit Advertisement
  • Brand Marketing

Above the Line (ATL) marketing is the term used to describe all forms of advertising that are not specifically aimed at customers. And this strategy can help you expand your customer base. Mostly ATL is more expensive than BTL. And it is difficult to measure the results in ATL marketing. As an experienced advertising company in Dubai, we study our client’s requirements and choose the marketing strategy accordingly.

BTL Marketing

Below-the-line marketing is more personal than most types of marketing. Below-the-line marketing is associated with consumer participation in some way. Below-the-line is a term used in marketing to describe advertising and marketing communications activities that do not involve mass media such as television, radio, or newspaper. It is less expensive and we can measure the results or audience response easily.

Forms of BTL Advertising:

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Direct Mail/ Email Campaigns
  • Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Sales Promotions
  • Events and Sponsorships
  • Door-to-Door Promotions
  • Discounts or Coupons

BTL promotions are usually intensive, narrowly focused, and target specific market segments, unlike ATL which reaches out to the public at large. And it is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers in a targeted way.


In simplest terms, BTL works to help businesses get their products in front of potential customers when they're ready to make a purchase, while ATL emphasizes exposure and branding. Internet marketing comes under both ATL and BTL according to the way of targeting the audience. Understanding the advantages and limitations of each approach is vital to overall marketing success. We, the top advertising agency in Dubai use each for appropriate businesses to get optimized results.

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