Rebranding vs. Brand Refresh: Which Option is Right for Your Business?

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A brand is an identity. It showcases the result of the hard work of a group of people or a person. When it comes to Deciding between a brand refresh and a rebranding is needed for a firm it depends on the specific goals and needs of your business. Both approaches can be effective in different situations.

What is Rebranding?

“You don't have to wait to be perfect to start but you have to start to go to be perfect”.Rebranding can be done in two ways in a full rebranding mode and partial rebranding mode. For example the apple company's logo has been being changed for the last several years and they are still updating. When it comes to full rebranding you own a local region based company and you would like to be expanded world wide or become an MNC. Then you have to rebrand your firm, you have to increase the number of your target clients so that you have to change the website, you have to create several different types of marketing and branding strategies for your new places.

When can we think of a rebranding?

As we already mentioned above when we are upscaling our brand we can actually rebrand, in other scenarios such as, You started your firm as a headphone manufacturing company and now you started to sell the headphone accessories too then you need a rebranding.when a firm is completely losing their target group of clients or customers and the regrowth rate is freezed or even it is decreasing, and it is hard to stand on the market as a brand then we have to rebrand the firm. If an issue was created and the brand got a negative impression on the public then also we have to rebrand. When we rebrand a brand it is like we change the entire brand to an entirely new firm. We change the logo, color pattern, motive or the actual company will get entirely changed to a new one. And it is important to notice that In all the above mentioned scenarios it is the choice of the people or person who is behind the firm that they need to be rebranded. If you are thinking of rebranding your brand or business, Chams Branding solutions is the best choice.We are the top brand promotion agency in Kerala

What is brand refresh?

A brand refresh is a process of updating and revitalizing an existing brand without completely changing it. It involves making minor adjustments to the brand's visual identity, messaging, and positioning in order to give it a fresh, modern look and feel that resonates with is more easy to think with an example mi has changed their log last year we can say that it is a brand refresh.

How do we know that our brand needs to be refreshed?

Unlike rebranding, brand refresh is like nothing like just altering the appearance of a brand. Like we place our creation in a much more beautiful surface so that it seems to be more beautiful.some time we all need an alteration to survive. Like that for a brand it is a necessary fact to be refreshed.
Refreshing a brand means we just change some part of it so that it can feel better. Like changing the slogan, changing the website color or even shifting the office space can be a brand refresh. The main thing to remember is that refreshing a brand is not an in demand process and we can do it at any time.

What is the better choice : Rebranding or brand refresh?

It depends on the phase where the company is ongoing. It can vary for every brand. In the same situation two brands may choose different ways.There is actually no better one there. It is all like one is better for a particular situation and the other one is better for other situations.
Rebranding is a big process that needs a high amount of time and resources. It is a process of a restart so that it needs more time and resources. But incase of brand refresh it is to be said that it is less expensive and less time consuming. As the best brand promotion agency in Sharjah , We choose the best branding strategies for you and for your business

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