How do Advertisements Influence Society?

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Have you ever wondered how many advertisements do we come across a day? It is said that on a single day, a person comes across around 5000 advertisements. And no matter how hard we try, we would definitely take a look at some of them. That is exactly what advertisements focus on- grab the attention of people.

Advertising is a major component of marketing that is intended to reach a wider audience. At Chams Global, the best marketing agency in Kerala, our experts provide you with the top advertising tactics. Out of the many marketing processes, advertising is one of the most important strategies. In a nutshell, advertising aims at reaching potential customers in order to increase the sales of the products or services.

Impacts of Advertising on Society:

  • Advertising persuades people
  • There are many direct response advertisements designed to persuade people to take sudden actions. Language used in these advertisements speak volumes about their motive. The phrases used in such advertisements are ‘book now’, ‘try now’, ‘click here’, ‘get started’ etc. These phrases clearly suggest the urgency. These ‘call to action’ ads are rampant in today’s world. Being the top marketing company in Kerala, we help our clients design advertisements according to the product marketed.

  • Advertising educates consumers
  • People may not know about every product or service in the society. A consumer most probably will not purchase a product or service without knowing about it. Thus it is through the advertisement that they get to know that such a product exists in the market. The ads inform the society what their product or service is, how it will benefit the people or work as a solution to the problems faced by them.

  • Advertisements influence consumer behaviour
  • The power of advertisements to change the way people think is of the astonishing things that ads do. Words have the power to influence people. The success rate of the ad depends on the ability of it to create desire in the targeted customers. We are the best advertising agency in Kochi who creates striking ads that influence society.

  • Advertisements communicate price and value.
  • Many of the advertisements focus on informing the society about the value of their product or service. Some ads convey that the price the customer pays for the product is worth its value. While others advertise that the price is less compared to the value. A few high branded products advertise the product is worth the high price.

  • Advertisements communicate brand identity
  • Advertisements are concerned with informing the society the brand identity. This role of brand promotion cannot be done by advertisements alone. Branding is an inevitable aspect of advertising. Branding determines the direction of a company’s advertisement. Advertisements vary according to the different brands. Some brands persuade consumers to action while the other brands just focus on informing the society. Thus brands play a major role in advertisements. As the leading marketing agency in Kerala, Chams Global provides a unique branding experience.

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