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Viral Marketing is another form of marketing promotions where people organically push and promotes the message of your brand / service /products. When it comes to Social Media Marketing the way viral marketing works is all about rapidly sharing among all kinds of audience rather than targeting a specific one.

How does Viral Marketing works

Even Though may be viral marketing campaign starts as a paid campaign, the key way to become viral is organic, using shared videos . The starting for a viral marketing happens when a brand posts a video on their YouTube channel or any social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc and when someone saw that post, they will go to brand channel to check and they share the same .The best platforms for viral marketing campaigns are social media. But we can do the same on news channels and media sites as well.You need to remember one thing when developing a marketing campaign are the contents need to be posted in an easy sharable format.

Features of Viral Marketing Campaigns

If you notice most of the marketing campaigns, you may see some similarities in all of these campaigns.

  • The content for these campaigns is easily accessible. Most of these viral contents doesn’t need a signup or any complicated steps to reshare.
  • The content must look so genuine to the audience. When a video or image look so commercial, it may lose the chance to become a viral one.
  • The campaign needs to convey human emotions in a simple way. Most of the viral videos are based on humorous or serious emotions. These emotions can drive highest engagement
  • Campaigns sometimes perform best when it is shared by Micro influencers and celebrities. These are the peoples having a huge number of follower base.
  • Visuals are having a high impact on making a video or image viral.
  • Marketing a viral campaign should be creative. Don’t incorporate time torn out ideas of competitors.

When creating a content, be specific about your who the product or service is for. This will create a tailored campaign effect. And use simple language to convey message. In conclusion, Viral Marketing can be a powerful tool for brand or business looking to increase their brand presence in social media. If you are looking for a company that provides viral marketing services, you can contact Chams Global. We are the best Marketing company in Kerala providing creative marketing strategies that can boost your business and increase the ROI

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