What are display advertising and mobile advertising?

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It is crucial to convey the detailed and required information about the product or service within the advertisement. Digital ads with Good illustration using text, images, video or audio will attract the customers easily.

Display Advertising

Do you know that display advertising can be traced back to 1994? Yes, it is more than 25 years old. It is the process of advertising products or services by using visuals such as videos and images on publisher websites. It can be said to be an umbrella term that incorporates visual advertisements on websites. Being the top advertising agency in Kochi, Chams Global chooses the best advertising platforms according to the product or service. It is loosely divided into three kinds. These are site place advertising. Contextual advertising, and remarketing.

Types of display advertisements:

  • Site place advertising
  • It is a branch of display advertising in which the advertiser selects or decides the website that would display their ads.

  • Contextual advertising
  • It refers to those display advertisements in which the networks put the ads on related websites. Thus when someone opens a website, ads related to that will be displayed on that particular website. Being one of the leading brand promotion agency in Kerala, we help you to create effective contextual advertising.

  • Remarketing
  • Remarketing is a type of display ad that gets displayed before the users who have already visited your website. These appear when the users are watching YouTube, or reading sites related to news, etc. People will be constantly reminded of that particular product or brand.

Merits of display advertising

Can you think of some display advertisements that caught your eye? It is because display ads are visually appealing, and they reach consumers fastly. They can also help in boosting brand awareness. Since there is increased visibility, it will reach the targeted audience.

Mobile Advertisements

The consumer world today is glued to gadgets, especially mobile phones. Mobile ads make use of this habit of the population to disseminate the advertisements. Thus the type of ads that we see on our smartphones is known as mobile advertising. It can appear as banner ads, videos, text focussed ads, etc. it can even appear as mobile games! Since the ads should fit into small displays, they are optimized according to that. As the top advertising agency in Kochi, we create attractive mobile ads. This advertisement is an element of mobile marketing and helps in the promotion of a product.

Benefits of mobile advertising:

  • Accessibility
  • Since people cannot think of a life without social media and mobile phones, mobile advertising has become an effective means of advertising. It can be accessed by all consumers easily. It can reach a large number of people.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Location-based advertisements can be delivered to people as they can access the location of the people. It helps to understand the preferences of the consumers.

  • Cost efficient
  • Mobile advertising is a budget-friendly way of advertising. The cost of designing an ad is only a small percentage of television or radio ads. This also helps in targeting new customers.

  • Personalized advertising

    Mobile ads have the advantage of adjusting the customer’s preference in marketing campaigns. It also helps the customers to follow or inform their suggestions to the brand via social media. We are the best advertising agency in Kochi designing personalized advertising.

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